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soundpark session ::: fm4 soundpark session :::
on september 9th there was an exclusive studio session presenting mika and some of their side projects (polman reisen, reflex team, meisterankertalking). you can download some of the sessions mp3s and admire the pictures here.

and, by the way, if you're interested in more news about side projects around mika, we've started a small blog for this purpose. at the moment it's only in german, but maybe there will be an english version too => mikaella logbuch
mikaonear ::: audio furniture :::
watch out for the "pure austrian design & audio furniture" - catalogue. it's an telephone book - like survey of contemporary austrian design. Included a cd with varous tracks done by austrian musicians from dorfmeister to zeebee .. and one mika track (right, place right time from our homonymous last album)
mikaonear ::: site update: new ancient videos :::
updated the media page with 2 old mika videos (quicktime): jet and tomorrow, many thanks to director manuel gorkiewicz
mikaonear ::: mika & bernhard eder alias alec Tron:::
remember sing with mika? one of the 2 songs we picked is now available in stores as part of the fm4-soundselection vol. 11. it's an remix version called the "wir sind keine helden" - mix , check out alec trons soundpark page.
mikaonear ::: be my tiger, life ain't funny :::
out now: the new bunny situation single containing remixes by mauracher & mika. sommer tunes! click to prelisten.
mikaonear ::: masquerade video :::
tata! we're proud to present: the new video to masquerade, made by motel mama. great work, guys! join captain sukasa on his quest for a new head!

::: sing with mika - update:::
thanks a lot to all people who contributed to fm4-sing. it was a pleasure to hear your vocals to our music. Out of all transmittals we picked 2 songs that we found outstanding. "hope an fear" by aphorism and "scum" by alectron . well, a few days after our decision, we met. click to our first musical blind date. ::: server change :::
from now on is hosted by symbion. very nice guys btw :)

::: mika pretended to know how morrissey feels:::
and morrissey 'replied' ;-). take a look. blood, english heart, that we're made of ...

::: :::
hurray!! our new site is online :-). finally. design by elisabeth richter, who also did the design for our last record. additional design and technics by matthias kertal. let's celebrate and listen to 'because of you'.

my opinion ::: my opinion never sleeps / interesting times :::
our new 12 inch single was released on kleinrecords. black gold containing remixes by grom (ladomat2000) and decomposed subsonics (ware rec. / force inc) ... more
mikaonear ::: mika on ear on cd :::
mika live recorded at theater gruppe 80, their first headphones-only concert. available in small quantity at


rightplace, righttime

::: right place, right time :::
our second album was released on kleinrecords followed by several mika - concerts in austria and munich. more



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